10" Professional Paracord Jig System

FM2013-10      10" Professional Model ParaCord Knot Tying and Weaving Jig





Sale Price $34.95

  • 4 Buckle Sizes Including 3/4", 5/8", 3/8", and 1/2"
  • 5 1/2" Wide To Sit Nice and Flat On Your Lap
  • Fully Adjustable To Make ParaCord Products From 1 1/2" to 10"
  • Precision Laser Cut Center Grove and Matching Carriage Bolt for One Finger Wing Nut Adjustments
  • 4 Independent Precision Rulers Laser Engraved Directly To The Units Base
  • Strong 1 Piece Unit Base
  • Buckles are Precisely Aligned To The Laser Engraved Ruler
  • 1" Inch Risers Position The Buckles 1 Full Inch Above The Base For Plenty Of Finger Room and No Need For Special Tools or FIDs
  • Assembled By and ALL Proceeds Go Directly To Men and Women Who Have Provided Service To The United States of America and Are Now 100% Legally Disabled.  To Aid Them and Their Families To Pay For Medicines and Treatments Not Covered By Insurance

Model 10  Fully Adjustable From 1 - 10"

Now with your choice of . . .

Premium Rothco Brand 1/2", 3/8", 5/8" and Jet Brand 3/4" Whistle Buckles


With inexpensive "Blue Cell" Buckles In 1/2", 3/8", 5/8" & Jet Brand 3/4" Whistle Buckles

(If no choice is requested on the order Blue Cell Buckles)


Exciting News :  We have just finished re-designing our Model 10 Jigs !!!

Starting Now all of our standard Jigs as listed here now will make knotted cord ie paracord products up to 10 1/2" with the 1/2" Buckle,
10" with the 3/8" buckle, 10" with the 5/8" Buckle, and just at 9 1/2"" with the 3/4" Buckle. 
It will Also do D-Shackles, Loops, split rings, and snap hooks as well as anything else that can slip over a 5/16" thick Bolt from 4 1/2" all the way to 12 1/2" with it's
own engraved markings showing every inch and every 1/2" from 4" - 12 1/2". 
And yes we are shipping these new models in place of the old models at the same price. 
I think this is one of the most versatile Jig systems on the market at this point, we just haven't been able to get the new ads and pictures up yet. 


Important Note: Nobody makes a buckle that is interchangeable with All other buckles made around the world.  We use a Blue Cell brand Buckles
that are durable and interchange with a lot of other buckle brands.  If you prefer a different Manufacturer Of Buckles Because You Use Them Exclusively,
let us know the brand and If It's not one we carry, Or one we have set up for other customers, we can hold your Jig until you mail us 2 of each buckles you
use and we will Laser Align the Rulers To Your Exact set up Needs At NO EXTRA CHARGE.  We will return all your buckles with the jig, however any
buckle set up other then our standard, will Not come with any of our buckles in the starter package.  This is a service that is not offered anywhere else.

  Do not believe anyone who tells you that you can interchange buckles back and forth on their Jig and the rulers will still be accurate.  This is not true. 
All the different buckle manufacturers make them in different lengths and many even have different contours and every difference can ad up to different
alignments.   Our Rulers are individually aligned to each buckle using complex math equations and Lasers which gives us less then an 1/8" +/- deviation. 
Most of our Jigs test to less then a 16th of an inch deviation.  Measurements on completed bracelets for sale are very important, trust us ladies and gentlemen,
when you try to sell your completed Bracelets to stores or professionals, accuracy will be what makes them buy your product over the other hundred paracord
bracelet sellers who come through the stores door.  If you offer to supply a store with 8" Bracelets, they are not going to re-purchase bracelets from you if the
stores customers start bringing 8" bracelets back that are 7 3/4" or 8 3/8" If you can't guarantee them the size on the label is correct they are going to your competition.



Are you making paracord bracelets in BULK

Making Paracord Bracelets?
then you need one of these Jig's
These are ready made and ready to ship unlike others that make Jigs only when ordered. 
Most orders placed before 2pm can be shipped the very same day.


What's Included In This Business Starter Package:

One (1) Model 10 Professional Series Survival Bracelet Jig
Four (4) Attached Current Sized Buckles
One Each (4) Current Sized Buckles, Enough To Make 4 Bracelets
20' Feet OD Green Genuine US Military 550 Paracord
20' Feet Black Genuine US Military 550 Paracord
Enough Gear To Get Your Paracord Business Up And Running
Also Includes
Directions and Video Links To Many Of Today's Popular Bracelet and Other Knot Designs Like The Famous King Cobra Weave So You Can Learn To Make Professional Looking Bracelets, Collars, Slings and More.



I would like to point out a couple of VERY IMPORTANT details on all of these JIGS.

The most important thing is the base, our Jig base is constructed out of one solid-single piece to provide years of service, not several pieces glued or screwed together.  More importantly, pay attention to the bolt on the moving part.  Most bolts are just a regular bolt which is very hard to keep tight.  We only use top quality stainless steel Carriage Bolts that feature a square on the end of it which is locked in a special precision made groove that has been laser cut and measured to hold the bolt in place and lock it, so you can easily tighten it up.  Further more, we are the ONLY manufacturer of a true professional series jig that has been used by military organizations throughout the USA.  The most unique feature of our Professional Survival Bracelet Jig that no other company or seller can offer is that our jig features 4 unique precision engraved rulers individually calibrated to each individual sized buckle or clasp, thus, allowing the user to make custom survival bracelets to the customers exact size requirements.  All the other jig builders on ebay and elsewhere are "hobby" builders and make a good basic jig, but if you look closely at the ruler you'll notice that they are all cutting .68 Home Depot or Lowes generic yard sticks and they are either screwing or gluing them to the base of their unit.  They then have several sized buckles or other hook ups that somehow are supposed to make accurately sized bracelets from these generic throwaway yardsticks.  But common sense will tell you that if each clasp has a different length, than one ruler is simply not enough.  If your serious about starting a business making survival bracelets you already know that trying to sell your customers a bracelet that is incorrectly sized is going to severely reduce your repeat sales and waste your time having to remake customers bracelets and deal with their complaints and negative feedback.  That's why for years now serious businesses like Army Navy and Police Supply Stores as well as various current and retired military members and organizations have been using our Professional Series Jig.  And now for the first time our popular jigs are being offered to the general public.  So if your serious about providing your family and your future customers a premium product please consider our Professional Series Jig.

What's Makes Our Jig Better or Different:
1)     100% Made In The USA.
2)     Made By Disabled Men and Women who served this Country.
3)     Solid 1 Piece Precision Laser Cut Base.  Most Others Use 3 Or More Pieces Which Simply Can Not Hold Up To The Stress Of Making Tight Knots
4)     Precision Laser Engraved Rulers Individually Lined Up For Each Size Buckle.
5)     Fully Adjustable From 1" to 10" inches To Make Anything From Key chains To Bracelets and even Collars For Small Dogs
        (Larger Sizes Available Including Large Size Dog Collar Jig and Rifle Sling Jig)
6)     Enough Supplies To Start Your Very Own Paracord Bracelet Business.  In Fact You Can Sell The First 4 Bracelets For Enough To Pay For This         Package.       
7)     Our Starter Kits Include Real Military 550 Paracord.  Which Means It's Breaking Strength Is Just Over 550lbs. 
        Note:  Not All "Survival" Bracelets Are Made With Real 550 Cordage and That Is Going To Upset People When They Try To Survive Using Cheap
                   Chinese Crap Cordage With A Inferior Breaking Strength.  True Survivalist And Military Personnel Know The Difference And will ONLY Use Real 550 Cord.
8)     We Are A True Wholesale Supplier And Can Supply Our Customers With All Their Needs From Buckles and Clasps, Real 550 Paracord, and Custom Engraved Tags, Dog Tags, Knot Tying Instructions, and Nylon Based Colored Paracord.

Key Features:

  1. Simple easy to use design create bracelets or key chains up to 10"" in length
  2. Has all 4 current clasps sizes including the extremely popular large survival whistle buckle
  3. This Jig design has been used by Military personnel since the Vietnam War
  4. Fits easily into many backpacks and desk drawers

Paracord 550 cord can be used for:

  1. shelter building
  2. tool repair
  3. gear repair
  4. snares traps
  5. securing items and gear either to yourself or your ruck
  6. make shift clothes lines
  7. hanging food up out of reach of animals
  8. makeshift fishing line
  9. boot laces
  10. prusik knot for ascending
  11. making a bow drill to start fires
  12. bow and arrow
  13. trip line
  14. rock climbing or descending in a true emergency
  15. hammock
  16. fishing net
  17. sling
  18. and many, many other things



Great Small Business With Virtually No Startup Cost.  Many of our clients are using our Jig at local Flea Markets, Trade Shows and Gun Shows to make a great full time income while working part time.  Others work from home selling over the internet or to local retail establishments.


These are already made and ready to ship, unlike others that make jigs only when ordered
Most orders placed before 2pm can be shipped the very same day.

These Are Already Made and Ready To Ship !!!

International Buyers Please Note: We will ship world wide but buyer is responsible for verifying the legality of any items purchased and is responsible for any customs fees or taxes that their Country may apply.

Wholesale Pricing Available With Orders Of 5 Or More.

Custom Name or Logo Engraved In Wood Available For 5 Or More Unit Orders.  (Small logo setup fee applies) 

Custom Logo Survival Bracelet Tags Available As Shown In Pictures.  Contact us or see our other listings.

Visit Us On The Web At http://www.ParaJigs.com


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We Support Our Fellow Current And Retired Service Members.

  If You Are A Current Military Service Member, Serving In A Country We Do Not Traditionally Ship To But Would Like To Receive Our Product, Please Contact Us And We Will Find A Way To Get Our Item To You And Set Up A Special Ebay Listing Just For You.

If You Are A Disabled American Or Israeli Vet And Would Like To Start You Own Survival Bracelet Assembling And Sales Business Please Contact Us For Special Pricing.  ( Proof Of Legal Disability Will Be Required )




Slight variations between products and pictures may exist.  Some items in the images have been purposely modified to protect certain trade secrets and design elements from our competition.