Custom Aluminium Tags & Paracord Bracelets with Tags


Tags Are Displayed On Paracord Survival Bracelets.  Please Note: Bracelets Are Not Included.

Anodized Aluminum Curved Tags Can Be Attached To Bracelets Using (2) Two 3" Long Paracord Strips. (Not Included)

Glock On Tan Bracelet


 Fallen Soldier Paratag     Navy Seals Paratag     Guy Fox Mask Paratag     Zombie Hunter Paratag     My Peace Sign Paratag


Tony Montania Paratag     Ranger Paratag     Remington small Paratag     Remington Paratag     Ruger Name Paratag


Ruger Symbol Paratag     Sigarms Paratag     Sig Sauer Paratag     Smith and Wesson Paratag     IMI Paratag


Jesus Paratag     Kimber Paratag     Leupold Paratag     Marine Symbol with Semper fi Paratag     Mossberg Paratag


Norinco Paratag     Op Iraqi Freedom Paratag     Infidel Paratag     7.62 Paratag     5.56 Paratag


6.8 Paratag     Infidel Written Paratag     H&K Paratag     Medic Paratag     Medic 1 Paratag


Chinese Go Fuk Paratag Chinese Go Fuk Paratag     Glock Paratag     Franchi Paratag     FN Paratag


Don't Tread On Me Paratag     Coast Guard Reserve Paratag     Coast Guard Blue Paratag     Browning Symbol and Name Paratag     Browning Symbol Paratag


Beretta Symbol Paratag     Beretta with Symbol Paratag     Barrett Paratag     Army National Guard Paratag     Airbourne Ranger Paratag


AK74 Paratag     Airborne Eagle Paratag     Paratrooper tabs Paratag   


 Navy Seal On Bracelet



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